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Barrande Fellowship Programme

The Embassy of France to the Czech Republic and the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MYES) coordinate the Barrande fellowship programme, the exchange mobility programme for Ph.D. students between the Czech Republic and France. The programme is designed to provide Ph.D. students in the Czech Republic with opportunities to study in France and Ph.D. students in France with opportunities to study in the Czech Republic. 

With all the scientific fields being represented, it enables Ph.D. students to acquire international expertise in humanities, life and natural sciences, exact sciences and engineering, economical and juridical sciences, medicine and others. While the call is open to all scientific fields, it particularly welcomes applications in the fields of environmental sciences, energy, mathematics and information technologies. 

The aim of the programme is to enhance international education exchange while encouraging scientific cooperation between French and Czech research teams. Czech and French students are encouraged to extend their research abroad and learn new skills they will be able to develop further in their home countries. They are to become the spearheads of French-Czech bilateral relations. In pursuit of this aim, the programme funds “cotutelles” and short-term research stays. 


Cotutelle (double-degree Phd)

The scheme called “cotutelle” is a doctoral degree programme which is undertaken jointly at two partner higher education institutions, one in France and the other in the Czech Republic. Research is conducted under the joint supervision of a Czech and a French supervisor, both providing the full measure of supervision for the student. The student undergoes multiple stays abroad, under the terms of the agreement co-signed by the Czech and the French higher education institution, the “Convention de cotutelle”, for a maximum of three years. On its completion, the student is awarded two diplomas, one from each institution. 

The scholarship is awarded for each research stay abroad. The fellowship-holder undertakes a 5-month stay abroad every year for a maximum of 3 years and receives a monthly stipend in the amount of about 1,500 EUR in France / 35,000 CZK in the Czech Republic.  

Short research stays

The programme offers grants to Ph.D. students for a short-term research stay in France or in the Czech Republic. Length of a short stay is between 1 and 3 consecutive months. The fellowship-holder receives a monthly stipend in the amount of about 1,500 EUR in France / 35,000 CZK in the Czech Republic. 


The Barrande Fellowship Programme is open to all students registered at a Czech higher education institution, for a research stay in France, and to all students registered at a French higher education institution for a research stay in the Czech Republic. Students need to hold a higher education diploma before their first stay abroad. 

Please refer to the Applicant’s guidelines (Links available in the “Application” section). 

Note on language requirements

The programme is open to all English speakers on the condition that the French or Czech thesis supervisor from the foreign institution agrees with English as the language used during the stay.


The application should be prepared following the rules appearing in the Applicant’s guidelines for a cotutelle grant or the Applicant’s guidelines for a short stay. Students must apply by January 28th 2024. The link and details for online application are indicated in both Applicant’s guidelines.


•    Application deadline: Sunday, January 28th, 2024
•    Evaluation Committees (oral presentation): February and March, 2024
•    Announcement of results: April, 2024

Awarding Ceremonies

May 21st, 2024 - France Alumni Day and BFP Awarding Ceremony

May 24th, 2023 - France Alumni Day and BFP Awarding Ceremony

May 17th, 2022 - Barrande Fellowship Programme Awarding Ceremony

June 30th, 2021 – Barrande Fellowship Programme Awarding Ceremony

  Photo: Eva Kořínková

France Excellence Eiffel

Developed by the French Ministry of foreign affairs, this program contributes every year to the training of future foreign decision-makers, from the public and private sectors, in degree courses at Master and Doctorate level. Applications are presented exclusively by French higher education establishments.

Several study areas have been identified as priorities and the objective is to stimulate applications from students from emerging countries for the master's level and from emerging and industrialized countries for the doctorate level.


For more information on the applications, click here.

(For more information about the Eiffel Excellence scholarship at Master level, click here)

Fields of study

The two spheres of Eiffel scholarships are available in the following seven fields:

  • Science and techniques
    • Biology and health
    • Ecological transition
    • Mathematics and digital
    • Science and engineering
  • Human and social sciences
    • History, French language and civilization
    • Law and political sciences
    • Economics and management
Level of studies
French higher education establishments which nominate candidates for the Eiffel Doctorate program undertake to register them for a doctorate within the framework of a joint supervision or co-supervision of a thesis with a partner foreign higher education establishment.
Duration of the scholarship
The France Excellence Eiffel scholarship is awarded for a maximum period of 6 to 36 months in France, starting on the 1st of September of the year the scholarship is awarded, in accordance with the awarding letter. 
Planned services

Eiffel Doctorate scholarship holders receive a monthly allowance of  1700€ (from January 1st , 2021), to which is added the direct payment of several services: International transport, national transport, insurance, housing search, cultural activities etc.

Tuition fees are not covered by the Eiffel program.

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