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Alliance 4EU +

The 4EU + European University Alliance brings together six prestigious and public universities dedicated to research. The four founding universities of the Alliance, Charles University (Czech Republic), Heidelberg University (Germany), Sorbonne University (France) and the University of Warsaw (Poland), signed the Declaration on the 4EU Alliance on March 10, 2018 in Paris, in recognition of their long-standing cooperation. The Alliance has expanded to two universities, the University of Copenhagen (Denmark) and the University of Milan (Italy), 4EU thus becoming 4EU +. The rectors of the six institutions signed a Memorandum of Understanding in Heidelberg in January 2019. The Alliance project is based on a common vision of a European university that adheres to academic values, ensures equitable access to education, and shapes the next generations of open-minded citizens who are ready to face global challenges and solve them.

Since March 2018, the Alliance has organized online each week and organized more than 25 face-to-face meetings and workshops that brought together more than 200 participants, including university leaders, students, professors, researchers and academic staff. More than 100 proposals for joint research, training and staff skills development projects were presented, the majority of which are anchored in 4EU + Flagship programs:

• Urban health and demographic change

• Europe in a changing world: understanding and engaging societies, economies, cultures and languages

• Transforming science and society by advancing information, calculation and communication

• Biodiversity and sustainable environment

For more information, visit the 4EU + Alliance page:
EDUC Alliance « European Digital UniverCity »

In reaction to the European Universities Initiative announced by the European Commission, Masaryk University and five other partners are planning to create a consortium called European Digital UniverCity (EDUC) to allow closer collaboration, particularly in education and student and academic exchanges.

For the project, MU has partnered with Università degli Studi di Cagliari, Université Paris Nanterre, University of Pécs, Universität Potsdam, and Université de Rennes 1. To implement the project, the universities have made a joint application for five million euros for a three-year period from the Erasmus+ Key Action 2.

“Our goal is to build an Aristotelian community that will blur the lines between universities, countries, languages, and fields. By using modern teaching methods and increasing the mobility of both students and teachers, we aim to progress towards our long-term goal of helping our graduates become confident European citizens, who will be able to think across disciplines and live and work anywhere in Europe,” says Ivan Malý, MU vice-rector for internationalisation.

The partnering universities, which are located across southern, central, and western Europe, agreed on the collaboration in a five-year memorandum. This means that to some extent, the idea should become reality regardless of whether they receive the funding they applied for. The final decision on which projects will be funded is expected during the summer.

EuroTeQ Engineering University

EuroTeQ Engineering University is an alliance of leading European universities in science and technology. This Alliance is launching an international study program aimed at "shaping the engineers of tomorrow". This university engineering program will be open not only to students enrolled in partner universities but also to engineers working in industry who wish to continue training throughout their lives.

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