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03/12/2021 - Czech-French Cooperation in Science: success stories and opportunities

Presentation slides of all speakers (in english) available for download here

That online event, organized by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic, the French Embassy in the Czech Republic and the Technology Centre of the Czech Academy of Sciences, took place on 2 December 2021. Twenty years of cooperation and experience within the bilateral Barrande Mobility Programme and during previous framework programmes were evaluated. Possibilities of future cooperation in the Horizon Europe programme were presented as well.

01/07/2021 - Does the force from the Dark side of the Universe exist ?

REPLAY of the conference (in english) available here or directly below

Does the force from the Dark side of the Universe exist?

Our Universe is mainly composed of Dark Energy and Dark Matter. Up to now, none of the existing experiments has allowed to identify the composition of these Dark Sectors of the Universe. Several experiments around the world are looking for a new particle, named boson, which will do the link with the Dark side of the Universe and act thus as the messenger of a new force of the Universe.

Dr Beyhan BASTIN is a researcher at CNRS (France) in astrophysics. She came to Prague along with other French and European colleagues to conduct experiments with her Czech colleagues from the Nuclear Physics Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences in the frame of the New JEDI project.

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