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Sounds of Science 2024

A general public scientific lecture by world-renowned French scientists

Stavovské divadlo • In English

Stavovské divadlo
Ovocný trh, Praha 1

28. 6. 17:00 - 20:00
Stavovské divadlo

The French Embassy in the Czech Republic and the French Institute in Prague are organizing a general public scientific conference called “Sounds of Science” on June 28th, 2024. This exceptional event will bring together three leading French scientists: 

- Jean-Marie Lehn • Nobel prize in Chemistry, 1987

- Jules Hoffmann • Nobel Prize in Medicine, 2011

- Alain Aspect • Nobel Prize in Physics, 2022

They will present the latest scientific concepts in their respective disciplines in an accessible way for the general public, from high school students to researchers.

In between lectures, musical performances will be orchestrated by Michal Rataj, Jan Trojan and Ivo Kahánek. The event will be moderated by Daniel Stach (Česká televize).

Tickets for the conference can be purchased on the National Theatre website.

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